2 Ways To Make Easy Money With MinimalSite

Make Easy Money

Would you like to make easy money? There are 2 ways to make money with MinimalSite. If you still don’t know what MinimalSite is, visit www.MinimalSite.me.

Let’s get started with the easiest way:

1- Become a MinimalSite affiliate & get $100 for every buying client you bring:

An affiliate is like a reseller. Sell MinimalSite websites  or send us clients and get a commission of $100 every time a client you sent buys a website. It’s very easy to become a reseller. Simply visit www.minimalsite.me/affiliate-program and sign up so we know who you are, then watch the short training video and you’re ready to sell! When you refer clients, make sure you tell us and make sure to tell your client to tell us that you referred them. You will get your payment when the client buys a website.

How easy is that?! Now let’s discuss the 2nd way you can make money with MinimalSite. It’s also easy but requires more effort, and is more of a long term investment.

2- Start a content website:

Contact MinimalSite and buy an ad-enabled content website for $350, and make money through ads that are integrated in your website. The more your content gets viewed, the more money you’ll make from the ads. It all depends on the quality of your content and the effort you put in. Some people make up to $2000 per month from running a content site. Your content can consist of articles, images or videos. You can also make money through posting affiliate links and reviews.

We just showed you 2 simple ways you can make good money working from home.  So why don’t you make use of your time and contacts? Start today and make easy money with MinimalSite.


Visit www.MinimalSite.me